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User Account Attributes in AD: Part 1 Outlook LDAP Attributes (General Tab)

More often than not, an administrator is asked to manipulate or report on various fields within AD. This article provides a representation of associated Active Directory user attributes and where they are mapped in Outlook and a few other quirks (eg street vs streetAddress, discussions on the thumbnailPhoto attribute). Did you know there's a favourite drink attribute?


Powershell GPO Deep Dive – Part 1

Part 1 in a series of posts that talk about the basic elements of a GPO and what gets created when a GPO is exported.

DHCP Client Stuck with 5 minute lease time

Had an interesting one the other day - a bunch of clients at a new site were randomly picking up lease times of 5...

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Protecting RPC

A short post about protecting RPC using the RPC Firewall by Zero Networks with a list of UUID Mappings for targeted RPC ports

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ADCS Web Enrollment Page takes a long time to load

Having built many Microsoft based PKI deployments over the years, I was fairly sure I was across most of the best practices and gotchas...

ADCS Powershell commands

In this post we explore some of the nifty CLI (read: Powershell) based commands that can be used when interacting with an ADCS deployment....


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