Workspaces Bring Your Own Windows Desktop Images – Windows 10

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This Article was prepared on the 19th August 2019. This article attempts to expand upon the OS level tweaks that are required in order to fulfill all the requirements set out by AWS in the article below: The AWS article is quite clear on what is required on the AWS side, but it may […]

ADCS Powershell commands

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In this post we explore some of the nifty CLI (read: Powershell) based commands that can be used when interacting with an ADCS deployment. These commands are all fully documented over at Microsoft, but I find them hard to locate at times. HOLD UP! I can almost hear a couple of MVPs yelling from here! […]

The lost ISA / TMG vbscripts from

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Recently, I was engaged to dig up connectivity info on some legacy TMG services. I needed to quickly pull back activity monitor information, so at first I tried logged onto the console, thinking there would be the standard “export to text file” type option available in the console. I soon realised that there actually is […]

Stop WordPress Comment Spam

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Over the years, I have tried so many things to limit comment spam – yeah sure; you can go and install Akismet, or AntiSpamBee – they are great products and seem to do a great job, if you don’t mind reviewing your spam messages from time to time to rescue real comments. I recently gave up on all my other spam plugins – I have effectively turned all my anti-spam products off and moved to something a little more simple “Cookies for Comments”. Let’s see how long before the spammers catch on.

User Account Attributes in AD: Part 5 ADUC Account Tab

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This article is the fifth in a series the offers a reference point between User Account attributes and associated displayed values within various interfaces. This particular post is going to be a little tricky, mainly because a number of the values that are displayed on the account tab are not actually individual attributes – quite a few are bits set within a larger value.

Active Directory on Fixed Ports

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This article discusses how to configure Active Directory to use Fixed Ports. It also discusses what can go wrong if these settings are not configured correctly. The article also references a possible issue with setting an RPC Port range on a Windows 2008 server that could cause unexpected results.

Assumptions and Known Quantities

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Throughout the problem solving process, we tend to categorize and investigate facts or known quantities. In addition to categorizing facts, it is often just as important to pay just attention to assumptions. Whilst an assumption is not proven, it could hold the key to solving a problem – even if it is totally incorrect.

Problem Ownership – Take the wheel

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Got a problem that no-one is owning? If you are in a position to do so, why not take charge – you don’t have to be the boss in most cases. Find out who can help and pass on any relevant details and discover the most appropriate owner. Don’t let a problem bounce around indefinitely between departments – especially if you can help in some way.