Shift Key does not seem to work in Full Screen Mode for Remote Desktop (sometimes)


Recently I came across an unusual issue with my RDP client, coming from a Windows 10 machine through to a Windows 8.1 (*shudder*) machine – none of the Alt, Shift and Control keys seemed to work. So of course, I went searching for an answer – a lot of people talking about RDP Client versions, blah blah – yeah yeah; probably getting a third party app will work too….

If you don’t have time nor a mechanism to get another client installed, until someone works out how to demonstrate this infuriating little intermittent bug to Microsoft, something that seems to be working for me is this:

1. Close the affected RDP session
2. Open the MSTSC / RDP applicaiton
3. Navigate to the Local resources tab
4. Click the dropdown under keyboard and set to “on this computer” (as pictured below).
6. Reconnect – Happy days; Shift key works again.

I am really not sure why the Shift, Alt and Control keys fail to work intermittently nor what specifics generate the condition in the first place – hopefully someone has the time and inclination to work out the triggers on this one. I have not found this solution anywhere else online – so I hope it helps you in some way.

Happy Shift key to all..!


    • You are very welcome! I tore my hair out on this one, so I thought I should write it up for the benefit of others.. Like you, I found nothing else to fix this stupid issue..!

  1. This fixes my issue with the right hand shift key not working but now Alt+Tab toggles between remote and desktop instead of toggling between my open applications in the remote session. Not sure which is worse: having no right hand Shift key not not being able to toggle between applications.


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