Intune – DEP – IOS Client: Your credentials are either missing or wrong. Try again.

Recently, we had a client who had an issue trying to enroll himself through an Apple DEP protected Intune based enrollment platform.

Strangely, the guy was able to enroll everything fine into Intune where the device was not connected via DEP. He only ran into problems when the phone was going via the Apple DEP route (where the phone is locked to the organisation – Remote Management)……

Workspaces Bring Your Own Windows Desktop Images – Windows 10

This Article was prepared on the 19th August 2019. This article attempts to expand upon the OS level tweaks that are required in order to fulfill all the requirements set out by AWS in the article below: The AWS article is quite clear on […]

Ending URL Query String with Equals Symbol can cause HTTP 403 Forbidden

Recently, I ran into a strange issue with phpBB 3+. The product installed, everything seemed to be working yet, whenever a user would try to look up another user whilst trying to send a private message (trying to click the “Find A Member” button), the hosting platform would throw a […]

Stop WordPress Comment Spam

Over the years, I have tried so many things to limit comment spam – yeah sure; you can go and install Akismet, or AntiSpamBee – they are great products and seem to do a great job, if you don’t mind reviewing your spam messages from time to time to rescue real comments. I recently gave up on all my other spam plugins – I have effectively turned all my anti-spam products off and moved to something a little more simple “Cookies for Comments”. Let’s see how long before the spammers catch on.