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ADCS Powershell commands

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In this post we explore some of the nifty CLI (read: Powershell) based commands that can be used when interacting with an ADCS deployment. These commands are all fully documented over at Microsoft, but I find them hard to locate at times. HOLD UP! I can almost hear a couple of MVPs yelling from here! […]

Facebook Page Like Counts or Google Adsense Not Showing in Firefox

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If you’re like me, you may have noticed on the odd occasion within a social sharing bar that the regular Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus buttons show but the actual page like counts seem to be missing or blank in Firefox (maybe in other browsers too?). Additionally, you may also find Google Ads don’t appear on […]

Ending URL Query String with Equals Symbol can cause HTTP 403 Forbidden

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Recently, I ran into a strange issue with phpBB 3+. The product installed, everything seemed to be working yet, whenever a user would try to look up another user whilst trying to send a private message (trying to click the “Find A Member” button), the hosting platform would throw a 403 Forbidden error. I soon discovered that if I removed […]

Associate MP3 files to MPG123.EXE with parameters in Windows 7

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I recently saw a question over at Stack Overflow on how to associate MP3 files with a particular MP3 application with command line arguments and I originally thought – yeah there are plenty of examples on how to do this out there, but as it turns out there really aren’t that many explanations out there. […]

Stop WordPress Comment Spam

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Over the years, I have tried so many things to limit comment spam – yeah sure; you can go and install Akismet, or AntiSpamBee – they are great products and seem to do a great job, if you don’t mind reviewing your spam messages from time to time to rescue real comments. I recently gave up on all my other spam plugins – I have effectively turned all my anti-spam products off and moved to something a little more simple “Cookies for Comments”. Let’s see how long before the spammers catch on.

Domain Controller crash – memory leaking process

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Recently I was involved in the resolution of an issue where a number of domain controllers in an environment began crashing at random intervals for reasons unknown – no recent changes, usual story. Using Perfmon we were able to quickly identify and rectify a memory leaking process.