Intune – DEP – IOS Client: Your credentials are either missing or wrong. Try again.

Recently, we had a client who had an issue trying to enroll himself through an Apple DEP protected Intune based enrollment platform.

Strangely, the guy was able to enroll everything fine into Intune where the device was not connected via DEP. He only ran into problems when the phone was going via the Apple DEP route (where the phone is locked to the organisation – Remote Management)……

DNS High Memory Utilization – over 1GB of RAM on Physical Domain Controller

First, to save you reading, let me just say – if you have a lot of CPUs on your Domain Controller this is 100% by design. If you only have a couple of CPUs – you’ve got some other strange problem. For more information on how to calculate the expected consumption of RAM, read the full article.

User Account Attributes in AD: Part 5 ADUC Account Tab

This article is the fifth in a series the offers a reference point between User Account attributes and associated displayed values within various interfaces. This particular post is going to be a little tricky, mainly because a number of the values that are displayed on the account tab are not actually individual attributes – quite a few are bits set within a larger value.

User Account Attributes in AD: Part 2 Outlook LDAP Attributes (Phone/Notes Tab)

This is part two in our series on User Attributes within Active Directory. This post contains two code sample comparisons (VB vs, PowerShell) that enumerates all attributes within the user class. It also details the attributes stored under the Phone/Notes tab within Outloo.

User Account Attributes in AD: Part 1 Outlook LDAP Attributes (General Tab)

More often than not, an administrator is asked to manipulate or report on various fields within AD. This article provides a representation of associated Active Directory user attributes and where they are mapped in Outlook and a few other quirks (eg street vs streetAddress, discussions on the thumbnailPhoto attribute).

Did you know there’s a favourite drink attribute?