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Specify DC Locator DNS records not registered by the DCs

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Quite a long heading, so let’s cut to the chase: Sometimes we want to hide Domain Controllers. One way to achieve this is by configuring the GPO Element: Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > System > Net Logon > DC Locator DNS Records Setting: Specify DC LOcator DNS records not registered by the […]

ADCS Powershell commands

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In this post we explore some of the nifty CLI (read: Powershell) based commands that can be used when interacting with an ADCS deployment. These commands are all fully documented over at Microsoft, but I find them hard to locate at times. HOLD UP! I can almost hear a couple of MVPs yelling from here! […]

User Account Attributes in AD: Part 5 ADUC Account Tab

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This article is the fifth in a series the offers a reference point between User Account attributes and associated displayed values within various interfaces. This particular post is going to be a little tricky, mainly because a number of the values that are displayed on the account tab are not actually individual attributes – quite a few are bits set within a larger value.

Domain Controller crash – memory leaking process

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Recently I was involved in the resolution of an issue where a number of domain controllers in an environment began crashing at random intervals for reasons unknown – no recent changes, usual story. Using Perfmon we were able to quickly identify and rectify a memory leaking process.

Active Directory on Fixed Ports

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This article discusses how to configure Active Directory to use Fixed Ports. It also discusses what can go wrong if these settings are not configured correctly. The article also references a possible issue with setting an RPC Port range on a Windows 2008 server that could cause unexpected results.

User Account Attributes in AD: Part 1 Outlook LDAP Attributes (General Tab)

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More often than not, an administrator is asked to manipulate or report on various fields within AD. This article provides a representation of associated Active Directory user attributes and where they are mapped in Outlook and a few other quirks (eg street vs streetAddress, discussions on the thumbnailPhoto attribute).

Did you know there’s a favourite drink attribute?